5 reasons why golf is a great sport

5 reasons why golf is a great sport

Golf has become popular due to the tournaments like the US Open, the Augusta Master, and the British Open. It is an internationally acclaimed sport and its popularity is growing. Here are the reasons why golf is a great spot.

It improves concentration


You must have to stay focused for four to five hours when you play golf. You can relieve stress by playing golf with friends. You have to deal with many uncertain factors when playing golf. The weather condition, water obstacles, the size of the bunkers, etc. affect your gameplay. You must concentrate on playing golf despite all these uncertain conditions.

It improves physical condition

It is a very physically demanding game. The golfers on average have to run for 7 to 10 km every game. This has a positive impact on the blood pressure. The swinging exercises the muscles like the forearms, glutes, etc.

It improves creativity

In golf, things won’t go according to the plan. You need creativity to escape harsh conditions like sand traps, water bodies, etc. This can be achieved through dedication and practice.

It provides longer life expectancy

Golf gives you longer life expectancy. According to a study conducted by the Karolinska Institute, golfers can live five years longer on average than those who don’t play golf.

When you play golf you get to socialize with other people. It is a great sport to play in a beautiful environment. It helps to boost your physical and mental health as well.

5 tips for developing a golf course

5 tips for developing a golf course

Constructing a golf course is not easy. You need a detailed plan for it. You should be actively involved in all the stages of the development. Here are five tips for constructing a golf course.

Complete feasibility study

The golf course architect is responsible for guiding you from the concept to the completion stage. You should perform technical feasibility. You should consider whether the site is appropriate for the golf course or not, examine the soil, topology, land area, geology, vegetation, water availability, etc. You need to examine the environmental and legal restrictions as well. You must do market feasibility study after that to find out if there is demand for the golf course and what must be done to ensure its long-term success, etc.

Design concept

The architect will assess design concepts and visit sites. He or she will check the slopes, soil conditions, water availability, etc. Based on these factors the final design concept should be approved.

Masterplan and cost of the project

Now you need to convert the design concept into the actual master plan. You will decide on the layout, the playing surfaces, the landscape, location, etc. You also need to calculate the cost of the entire project.

Prepare tenders

The architect will prepare detailed documentation for the project to be tendered. They may also help you to evaluate the tender responses.

Golf course construction

Your architect will help you to develop the construction program. He or she will visit the site regularly during construction and make sure everything is going according to the plan.

If you want to build a golf course then you will have to follow these steps. You should make sure that the project doesn’t exceed your budget and gets completed on time.

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